Hello to everyboby WarSeer!

This last month I've started a big Tau commission, almost 60 models, from Firewarriors and Drones to Crisis and Hammerheads. Client asks me to give to his miniatures new poses, changing arms and legs position, and to paint his army with an urban camo pattern inspired to Tael work. In particular a bi-color gray camo and green lights to sensors.

First model for this commission has been a crisis suit, with the pose that you can see in this pic.

First step has been changing arms and legs position in order to give to crisis a more dynamic pose. This has been possible changing the angle of the arm joints and bending legs positioning right foot to a crashing outbreak.

After the conversion phase I've started the painting of the model. I've used a Tael similar pattern for the camo with two tones of grey. For the glowing effect I've used Goblin Green and I've also realised a burn effect to the barrels of the burst cannon.

In these pics you can see the final product of the model:

After the first XV8 I've decided to continue with another XV8 that you can see in this picture.

For this battlesuit I've decided to use a more stoic (and static) pose with weapons down in order to give an epic impact to the model.

The final result for this miniature is the following:

Now I'm starting the third XV8, you will have news next days!

Comments and Feedbacks are always welcome.

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