Hello there,

Recently we did a commission for the guys at Table Top Tactics.

The design brief they gave us was for a city that had just been evacuated in a hurry, and that a dead silence and eerie calm had descended upon it They wanted high detail included furniture and fully removable floors and roofs.

It was a tremendously enjoyable build and I poured my heart and soul into it. I would like to share some of the pictures with you all, and it would be great to hear your thoughts and opinions upon it.

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You can see a fantastic battle report by Table Top Tactics featuring our terrain here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoFMV7kHpFo

Since this was such a large commission I shall be posting it in parts.

First up is a large office block with removable roof and floors, I also added a removable magnetic rear wall to make removal of floors easier and to provide and interesting perspective to photograph and film models.

I gave it a nice corroded finish to look like acid rain or radiation had eaten into the concrete

Here are the floors, each contains a little story

This one is an office level, containing offices of other buildings I have manufactured.

This is another floor, containing a Rahzvod office, a nice touch on 40K lore I thought.

This is the top floor, a maintenance room of sorts

And here is the ground floor lobby.

Thanks for looking, and look out for our next part.