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    Re: Rumours on WarSeer

    I understand that the team had to enforce a stricter policy, but honestly that rule that forbade even links to other rumor sources bordered on silly. It did a good number on the board. I always considered N&R to be the lifeblood of Warseer. It was why I and others used to flock here. There was no better place on the web for this, with all the old regulars like Harry and Hastings and all the others whom I have forgotten over the years. By bearing down on rumor leaks GW tried to kill this place, and in my opinion the mods were all too eager to become accessories to this murder at times. Why visit this site when all it does is relegate you to some other site?

    However the crisis is over now. And ironically with GW being far more open minded regarding informations it kind of feels like this place is no longer needed. The situation is reversed now. What GW didn't achieve with strictness they now achieve with openness. Why should I visit Warseer to scavenge crumbs of rumors when dubious persons like a certain Lady Atia can post the entire GW release schedule months in advance? And also GW killed my game so why would I care in the first place?

    So before I congratulate you to your decision I take the liberty to ask if there will be anything worthwhile to read on this board. I know some mods used to have a very intimate connection with various birds for example, it would be good to know if those still exist or if they all flew away in the meantime.

    And I also want to know what GW is going to do with the "Aelf" range and when!
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