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Thread: Scroll Saw / Jigsaw and 3mm Plasticard

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    Scroll Saw / Jigsaw and 3mm Plasticard

    Hi all, longtime lurker, seldom poster

    From research i can see everyone reccommends the score and snap method with 3mm plasticard however the project im working on requires ALOT of cutting.

    I'm making a smaller version of my degree piece but in plasticard (this was laser cut 3mm MDF):

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've narrowed it down to this neat looking handheld jigsaw however i'm worried about the motor burning out like a Dremel (Proxxon Micromot SS 230/E Super Jigsaw):

    Or a much larger conventional scroll saw (Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw 16-inch):

    Has anyone had experience cutting plasticard in this way? Does it melt alot when cut at these speeds?

    Appreciate any help

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    Re: Scroll Saw / Jigsaw and 3mm Plasticard

    My dremel melted plasticard even when used at low speed. Jigsaws cut a little differently so perhaps not.
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