Open War is a Warhammer 40,000 tournament which is taking place on Saturday 7 October 2017 in Norwich, Norfolk.

Open War is being organised as a charity fundraiser to raise money for the babies charity Tommy's.

The Warhammer community is excellent at coming together for a good cause and we are hoping that you can contribute to make a difference to babies lives.

While this is a tournament, it is not intended to be a Win at all Costs GT (that will come next year!) but a chance for some hobbyists to embrace the new edition whilst raising some money for a good cause.

This tournament will be using carefully selected cards from the Open War card deck.

Tickets for Open War are £20, with £10 going towards the event and £10 towards Tommy’s. There is already an extensive prize pool with donations from across the community including a Macro Mat set and Fat Mat from Tablewar, a $50 voucher from Secret Weapon Miniatures and other prizes.

You can purchase your tickets now by sending £20 via PayPal to

The event pack can be found here:

The event Facebook page can be found here: