Redditch Wargaming Society is proud to present its first Dropfleet Commander Regional Tournament!!

If you are a Dropfleet Commander player in England, and especially the West Midlands area, this is a fantastic opportunity to meet and compete with other Dropfleet players, no matter your previous experience.

This tournament aims to provide a testing ground for those planning to attend Winter Invasion 2017 in Croyden, and as such the top-ranking players from Summer Invasion (UKGE) will be in attendance. However, this tournament also provides a brilliant opportunity for newer Dropfleet players to broaden their experience and get used to Dropfleet's tournament setting. All for the bargain price of 6 a ticket!

For ambitious players, Midlands Maelstrom also provides an opportunity to further your statistics towards Hawk's World Rankings.

Sign up and ticketing details on the link below. Please contact me if you have any further questions.