I would say 40k 8th edition has had a hell of a good start. SM, CSM, GK, soon DG, and AdMech here (or about to arrive) already. In addition, we still have CW, AM, and Nids to go, as far as what was announced. I don't care what anyone says: I love the rate GW has been pumping out codices along with their FAQs. It's still not where it needs to be, though. WS should go back to where it was before, Int wouldn't be bad to bring back, and mortal wounds need tweaked a little (like instead of all saves ignored, make it just armor saves and reduce inv saves down by 1). There's other things that need addressed, but overall, 8th ed has been balanced well enough. Can't wait for Chapter Approved.

Now, some predictions: It's been really hard to pin these because GW had been more tight lipped than before, and they usually, at the same time, been revealing everything fairly quick. I can see another Marine army hitting alongside Daemons because GW had announced 10 armies before the year is out, so at least the number will match. The army, because they seem to be following the events of the Indominus Crusade, I can see BA making it. I don't see new stuff coming out of them, other than the induction PSM and some updated models, but new rules for sure. I can bet that they'll throw rules in their for FT, so let's see what happens there. CD will more than likely get an update (and I'm making an out in the left field guess) with a new Great Unclean One and Keeper of Secrets (we've seen artwork of both Greater Daemons with updated looks, so I can see that happening with those looks). To be honest, though, it also depends what AoS does also. Historically speaking, they had the Bloodthirster and Lord of Change out for that game before 40k got them, so I won't be too confident in this prediction.

Those are my thoughts on the state of the game. As far as predictions, I don't really know if they have any legs to stand on. The only things that have been the best sources are leaked pics. That's it. What's your predictions?