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Yeah, I'll just echo that.

I've made like 3 different rules sets now, as well as fiddling with stuff like campaign systems to incorporate hex-based strategy into Magic the Gathering duels, etc... None of it matters if people can't share your enthusiasm. If other people don't care to play, then it doesn't matter.

I've played my own games twice, and I've played a homebrew Sister of Battle codex once (total ground-up redesign for 5th ed. 40k, based on my own collection). I genuinely enjoyed myself, and I think my opponents did too. But there were obvious playtesting issues that needed to be ironed out, and no one was really committed to giving it a second go.
To put it another way, what does YOUR game bring to the table that the countless other variants haven't?

What is the "killer app" that makes the design work?

At the risk of being even more shamelessly self-promoting than usual, that was a key consideration in building my own design. Why bother? Why not just go with some home-brewed optional rules for the GW source material?

In the case of 40k, that's exactly what I did. I liked 2nd ed enough that with a few mods, I can keep playing it.

But after looking at the fantasy side, I figured I'd made enough improvements to justify a separate rules set. It hasn't sold super-well, but I blame that on the non-existent fluff, lame cover design and lack of support material. Oh, and I've never actually run a demo of the thing.

Building a new game takes a ton of work. It is not to be undertaken lightly, so if you're going to do it, go all in.

Finally, don't expect anyone else to do the heavy lifting for you. People may say they support the idea, but it isn't their game. It's yours. Own it.