Found on Oldhammer Forum. The brainstorming continues after first post.

Yesterday James Holloway came up with what I think is a fantastic idea for a table for BOYL 2018 of a Mechanicus factory, where rival Mechanicus factions will fight to decide whose interpretation of the STC is correct. Influenced by the board game Robo Rally, there will be conveyor belts, bottomless shafts, laser beams, enormous rotating saw blades, etc. etc. with a Necromunda game taking place on top.

Here's my brain dump so far.

Initially aiming for a 4x4 table. I've got 4'x8' of table surface covered in grime and industrial markings (can tick that off).
1. Industrial towers and walkways, as in Necromunda - got about 6 or 7 of these
2. Big pipes and tubes. Take cover or run along them. I might make some as particularly hazardous raised walkways (e.g. you can't fire from them or you will overbalance).
3. Conveyor belts - raised belts about 2" wide and up to 12" long. Each end turn all models move say 8" in the direction of the arrows.
4. Bottomless shafts. I'll print out a graphic of something going away into darkness - does anyone have anything suitable?
5. Acid tanks. Shallow tray with hardboard bottom, mounting card sides and the odd pipe. Pour in resin/fake water. Can go across it but take a low S hit each turn you are in it.
6. Steam vents. I've got some sheets of stuff with hole patterns in it. They cover a big floor area, and every so often a load of steam comes out (white cotton wool style stuffing material). Everyone on it takes burns.
7. Pipes : L-bend plumbing fittings pointing sideways (got a load of these). Randomly jets of steam (make a template) come out and blast people.
8. Molten metal. Like acid tanks but worse. Colour print a swirly molten texture and stick it to the bottom of lids/trays.
9. Crusher. A boxy frame with a hydraulic press that comes down. Some hydraulic pipes and rams to suggest movement. Needs to be able to be in open/closed configuration
10. Control panels where models can change settings.
11. Hammers - big hammers on pivots that bang up and down (scratch build or kids toy)
12. 'Drill hall'. - Grid with holes in the floor. Drill bits randomly pop out. Use cheap real drill bits or cast.
13. Giant cogs - Some actual cogs that rotate - laser or hand cut from MDF, or find kids toy. Models can caught in them, or they connect other machinery.
14. Laser beams - wire painted red, or transparent plastic rod comes out of holes across corridor.
15. Paint sprays - Nozzles jet out paint, blinding models caught in the way.
16. Heat treatment - giant heating elements (actually glowing??) cook models that get too close.
17. Pivoting platforms/walkways - like Hogwarts staircases, they move around, carrying models along
18. Spiked roller (I don't know how this fits in a factory, but it would be cool to have).
19. Big fans. Blow models sideways or over, or into pits full of acid.
20. Factory robots that attack models or attempt to feed them into the next stage of the 'fabrication' process.
21. Hoppers that feed into mincing machines

Idea would be that the table would be filled with these, so it was hard to get anywhere without walking across potentially lethal machinery.

There could be a number of key control panels, and the objective is to get to them and load your instruction set into the Machine God's mind (or smash ones where other factions have uploaded their instructions).