Hello everyone,

Just a quick list of the updates implimented in the maintenence we carried out yesterday.

  • The WarSeer Galleries are back and better than ever! There are a few new features so jump right on in at the top of the forum or click here for a quick tutorial on how to use them.
  • The News forums have been renamed the News and Rumours forums at long last.
  • All new users who have applied have been accepted. If you think you have been missed off the list them please PM me or leave a message in the WarSeer Helpdesk.
  • We've also updated the forum's security once more, so the Crash of 2016 won't happen again.

Over the next week or so we will be bringing out a few more changes, but this shouldn't disrupt WarSeer as much as this round of maintainence has.

If you have any ideas for the Future of WarSeer, have spotted some bugs, or just need some help, click the links and let us know.

Thanks again,

Blackcherry, TehRealNewGirl and the WarSeer Mod Team