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The thing is that when you start playing a fantasy roleplaynig game you want to go out and help people, make things better, get xp and loot to make bigger things better.
Not always the case IMHO. Take the Dark Brotherhood quests in the Elder Scrolls games for example.
Or an evil party in Baldur's Gate.

That being said...
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Now the first island is full of miserable people who have problems. But you can't help them. Pretty much nobody can or will be helped. Sick lady sits in a tent, I walk up, "hey lady, can I help you?" - "Noooo, I want to die so the people running the camp won't have the fun of killing me, go away.". I happen to have a spell to cure the sickness, I cast it on her, she still say she's sick, she wants to be sick, tells me to **** off. That's the end of that angle.
I had the same problem with the Mexican section of Red Dead Redemption. I was playing this "rogue with a heart of gold" type cowboy for the first part of the game, but then you go south of the border.
In Mexico people live in misery but tou can't helpt them. The game forces you to follow orders from corrupt government officials, torching villages and arresting/killing "rebels".
When you're finally allowed to switch sides and join the revolution it turns out the leader of the rebellion is just as bad as the guys you just helped overthrow.