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So yes, there is an overabundance of stuff out there, but what good does it do when everything looks the same and plays horribly.
So true about the rules - the sheer amount of boring/uninspired wargames out there border the criminal. I'm not really convinced about the models...there are companies that produce excellent figures without turning them into caricatures: Red Box Games for fantasy comes to mind, Hasslefree for both fantasy and sci-if...Spectre Miniatures for ultra modern, but there's plenty others. There's good stuff out there, and not only from established companies: there are even new sculpts that are very good. Not-chaos-dwarves from Lost Kingdom Miniatures or the stunning historical range of V&V for example.

Model-wise I think we're living in a pretty interesting time (even if a bit pricey, see recent Fallout pre-order bundles from Modiphius), but rule-wise...aaaarrrgh. You have to really embark in a quest to find a good ruleset this days