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Thread: Odd or Insane Machines That Never Were Built?

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    Odd or Insane Machines That Never Were Built?

    Do you happen to know of some odd or insane machines that never were built?

    This includes inventor's sketches and blueprints, patents and wildly artistic things such as Gvozdariki's steampunk animal machines, or hell-trains reminiscent of Hellcannons and so on. Preferably, it shouldn't be too modern, and not futuristic. 19th century flair and older is preferred, but please present any finds you happen to know of, even if you're unsure.

    All tips are welcome, and particularly so of drawings, blueprints and paintings. I've already got Leonardo da Vinci, Vladimir Gvozdariki and Sigi Strasser checked out, among some random things, but I'm sure there are many more crazy machinery illustrations out there, of some interest to Chaos Dwarfs.

    Official Games Workshop artwork is not to be included here, for IP reasons.

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    Re: Odd or Insane Machines That Never Were Built?

    King Ludwig II of Bavaria was a dreamer and visionary who was more interested in developing revolutionary new technologies and public welfare rather than politics or war in contrast to what you may believe about Germans. Unfortunately his self-conception as an absolutistic sovereign by grace of God was at odds with the zeitgeist of his period so he eventually had to submit himself to the rule of Reich Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm.

    Though originally a dashing and charismatic young ruler, in later years he became depressive and melancholy and secluded himself in a dream world of his own. He initiated ever more ambitious (some would say megalomaniacal) architectural and technological projects which devoured vast sums of money. Because of that his perception in the public was split - some thought of him as a genius while others called him outright mad. In the end he was incapacitated by the Bavarian government and placed under the supervision of psychiatrist von Gudden. Both died in 1886 under mysterious circumstances that remain unexplained to this day - so you even have a little mystery included in this story.

    Unfortunately the king died before all his projects could bear fruit, but he left us with a vast assortment of wonders that attract millions of tourists every year and even inspired Disney. Contrary to the perception in his own period, today he is regarded as something of a national hero of Bavaria - an intellectual pioneer and tragic victim of his times.

    On this site

    you can watch a slideshow with things that were not build, including a "flying cable car" and a steampunk airship in positions 9 and 10, respectively.

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    Re: Odd or Insane Machines That Never Were Built?

    The Nazis had some crazy plans for superheavy tanks like the Ratte.
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