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Thread: Lost Egg's White Wolves Primaris Chapter - Platoon Patrol

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    Lost Egg's White Wolves Primaris Chapter - Platoon Patrol

    Hi all,

    Since the Primaris marines arrived I've been thinking of building up a platoon sized Patrol detachment; I took inspiration from one of Lindybeige's videos, this one on platoons. This project is mostly for kicks as I haven't played the game for a few years and as yet the new edition doesn't really light my fire. But, I do like the more-shooty-&-less-close-combat vibe that the Primaris have.

    I've designed my own primaris chapter, the White Wolves, who specialise in identifying, locating and eliminating emerging xenos species. They were created by Gman to effectively thin out the weeds lest they gain in power and become problems in the future much like the Tau have. I envisage them being a fleet based chapter and having a mix of Space Wolf & Ravenguard gene-seed; they are patient hunters exploding into extreme violence once a target is identified. Most of their targets are low tech worlds and so they are often deployed in small forces usually anywhere from a single squad to a platoon but sometimes, against more advanced or populous foes, they deploy in a full company. Fleet based, they are deployed over a large area searching for targets in an almost nomadic existence.

    Though they are fielded as companies they are often deployed in smaller groups, with multiple platoons dispatched to a warzone each with their own targets. Thus, they strike at their foes simultaneously with just the right amount of force to shatter any who stand in their way.

    Each company still has around 100 marines but they are broken down into 3 or 4 platoons, depending upon their current role, battlefield loses etc.

    I'm a pretty slow painter and so will be using combat squads; I also want to purchase and build as I go so I don't have a pile of minis waiting for me to paint them which I can find to be very uninspiring.

    In terms of models I'm aiming for...

    • Lieutenant
    • 2 Intercessor Combat Squads
    • 2 Hellblaster Combat Squads

    This should form a good basis from which I can add some other attached elements; I'll likely add Reivers, Interceptors and a new dread is a must (whats not to like about big stompy dreads ). I'm not worrying about points right now.

    So, where will I begin I hear you ask...I have an Intercessor Combat Squad and the 40k Get Started mag mini so from these I should be able to squeeze an Intercessor squad and a lieutenant. Right I guess I better get started then...
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