4 - it was ok. The conversion articles were good for people starting out (some better articles like for example how to make Rhino doors open, or make a marine stealth fighter with the bumblebee and drop pod bits would be good), point about lacquered armor nice and painting guides serviceable. The time warp again served to remind us of better days in terms of white dwarf content (when it had usable content). The grot army was great but highlighted how good some models GW no longer makes were. The game design stuff was a bit weak and nothing like a game design article found in other publications where the design process and decisions made are probed. The design a chapter steps were good for a beginner. The Total War stuff was lost on me. Doesn't really fit and was too much of an advert with not much of use in it. Solid 4. Last issue I buy sight unseen though, from now on will look through it in a