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Thread: Lost Kingdom Miniatures Release Maghm˘rin Realm Gate

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    Re: Lost Kingdom Miniatures Release Maghm˘rin Realm Gate

    You are biased.

    This is heavy and indeed amazing terrain. The attention to details is insane and beautiful.

    EDIT: the whole line is pretty.
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    Re: Lost Kingdom Miniatures Release Maghm˘rin Realm Gate

    Indeed. Very expensive though, bordering on GW prices there. Not sure anybody but GW can really get away with it, especially with such a line (CD scenery? you can hardly go any more niche).
    Not too keen on the fact there's practically no picture that's not 3D or heavily photoshoped either.
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    Re: Lost Kingdom Miniatures Release Maghm˘rin Realm Gate

    Eh, to be honest I don't know that it could be much cheaper - it's a big chunky resin cast by a small company for a niche product line, I'm okay with it. I'd be a lot more okay with it if collective idiocy hadn't tanked the pound and put an extra 15 quid on the price :P, but if FW were offering this at that price I'd still be seriously considering it.

    The infantry is spectacular though, those armoured Bighat heads are stunning. I sent them a cheeky wee message to see if they're willing to offer packs of infantry and accessories in 5's rather than 10's for those of us who stick to small-skirmish game systems, but I'll be grabbing at least a couple of the characters.

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