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Thread: Astreaus Super Heavy Tank for Primaris Marines

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    Re: Astreaus Super Heavy Tank for Primaris Marines

    Unless they really are skis so that if the grav-tank dips into terrain, it's not going to catch and flip it end-over-end. I'm assuming here that the anti-grav isn't absolutely perfect & that things like hills & the like might cause the hull to nose in, so a simple fix is skids to reorient the nose physically...

    Edit: another possibility is that it is an anti-grav "bumper" for the same reasons I described above. pretty sure GW never described how anti-grav works in a pseudo-scientific SFinal way. So if it is like a "repulsor" field, you emit a weaker one to the front to prevent the nose again from digging into sudden terrain changes and flipping the vehicle over...

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