A mere six weeks after finishing painting them, I actually have some photos up of the finished Zombicide characters!

While I'm not fully happy with the attempt at OSL on the guy with the helmet, I'm still overall pleased with the results. Having painted a lot of Dystopian Wars ships recently it's been nice to paint some 28mm humanoids instead.

And now some photos:

The Chosen of the Old Gods

The Prior of the Old Gods

A couple more photos, as well as a little bit of background and some murmuring about Zombicide are on the blog which can be found here: http://whyarecarrots.blogspot.co.uk/...uest-pack.html

As a preview of a new project starting soon, I'm getting back into Infinity!

Still a fair bit of DW progress to make first, but this will be progressed some time in the new year I think.

Comments and criticism gratefully received. Thanks for looking!