So I read The Path Unclear recently.

But once I'd finished it, rather than thinking about whether it was a good story or not*, I was immediately forced to ponder the cover.

This is the cover art for The Path Unclear:

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Those are very clearly Necron gubbins in the foreground (specifically they appear to be Triarch Stalker legs). Given the blurb mentioning the ruins of a xenos civilisation, that seems to make sense... only there are no Necrons in the story... or even a suggestion of Necrons. There are ruins, but they're not identifiably Necron, nor that does seem to be the intended implication.

There is also a Chaos Marine visible in the background. Given that Chaos forces feature, that also seems to make sense... only there are no Marines in the story. Even odder, the same image which has been used on the cover (originally from Codex: Eye of Terror) could easily have been cropped differently to feature mutants instead of Marines.

So that's just something I found odd.

Also don't buy this if you're specifically interested in Necrons.