Iím assuming people have seen this rumour? Itís on a coupe of the more well rumour mill sites. Itís supposed to be the news that the next primarch to enter 40k in life plastic will be Angron, obviously chaosed up.

I was disappointed at this as I was keen to see a balanced release cycling between chaos and loyalist chapters but it then got me thinking about what old angry will be doing. I only read gathering storm synopsis so feel free to set me straight.

Iím thinking it could pre empt a major blood angels release. My theory is tenuous but relies on last thing I read about the BAís where they seem to have been saved from the tyranids by Khorne.
(Was this because khorne loves a tussle with the BAís and I anted them for himself? Perhaps another thread!)
If it would seem logical Angron may be leading by the charge to Baal for a good fight against an old foe, if so could we see a major character release for the BA?

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