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Thread: Pulp Alley Table Project: Jungle, Urban, Airstrip

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    Re: Pulp Alley Table Project: Jungle, Urban, Cavern

    Some street scatter came in the post last week (just in the nick of time!): some pallets, fire hydrants and trash cans from Fenris Games. Earlier I had also received some 20 litre cans from Warlord Games and a O gauge sign post through an online retailer of model railroad supplies.
    The Warlord Games cans were painted up as a plot point for the jungle table. They stand about a centimetre tall without the base:

    "Narrow Bridge" sign post:

    The Fenris Games products were a little disappointing. Although the sculpting was very good the casting of the fire hydrants was not. There was some flashing in recesses that were hard to reach and quite a few of the hex nuts were either round or recessed. Of the three hydrants here only one did not have a significant air bubble. The manhole covers were perfect though and the trash cans only had very small air pockets on the surface which I did not mind. The MDF pallets were a little fragile but you would expect that in MDF that is to scale. I should have bought a couple of packs of those as they would be universally useful.
    The hydrant on the right is in poor shape in particular: the nut on top is a misshapen blob and the side cap has a large air pocket.

    You can see all the little air pockets in the edges of the trash can lids, especially the two on the ends:

    Who can resist a couple of shots of the new pieces added to the table :

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