"O great Overlord, the enemy host still defy our hats."

"Then kill it with fire!"

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These 15mm models are out now! Order your Tjublings here: Also on Etsy and on Blogspot. Fiery rank and file reinforcements have arrived to bolster the Tjubling forces with a hard core of elite regiments. Priced upon release at €2,5 per each kit of 4 Tjublings (or 2 command models), they are also available in a Maniple bundle of 20 rank and file plus 2 command models for €1,3. Likewise, Skull Mask Command (3 models) is out now for the rank and file, and is available as part of the usual Maniple deal. A couple of new Blunderbuss variants are also out. And last but not least, we're happy to present a flamethrower team for €2,8!

Sculpted by Tobias Torstensson (tjub) and spincast in metal by Hysterical Games. Sold unpainted and unassembled.

Remember that miniatures in smaller scales than 28mm are perfect material for adorning your luxurious monumental architecture.