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Thread: Orks are in desperate need of depth

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    Re: Orks are in desperate need of depth

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSaylesMan View Post
    I suppose it does have a certain Bad Moons vibe to it. Except once again, Klans have no leadership, no territory, no history and no achievements.
    Well again, Orks do not have 'unity'. Factions of the Bad Moons will go off and do their own thing. The Ork Warlord "Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub" for example could easily be considered the greatest Warlord of that Clan, in a similar way Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka is undoubtedly the greatest Goff Warlord currently in existence... but that doesn't mean there won't be other Goff Warlords running other empires. I mean, both Nazdreg and Ghazghkull are considered great enough to be listed as "Special Characters", exemplifying the race or a part of the faction's character, but I've never heard of their empires. At best Nazdreg had a personal Space 'Ulk (Scylla) which was loaded with kustom stuff he bought/traded/stole (Ghazghkull got his planetary "teleporta" from him) and Ghazghkull seemed to hang out on the planet Golgotha, but I've never heard of anything comparable to these...

    Dregruk and Gathrog
    The empires ruled by the Great Despot of Dregruk and the Arch-Dictator of Gathrog have been at war for solar decades. Lying to the galactic north of the Eye of Terror, the resolution of their conflict could have major repercussions. Should so vast a tide of Orks unite, the resulting WAAAGH! could potentially change the face of the war for the Cadian Gate. Were forces from Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade to meet it as they poured into the region, the Despoiler's plans for galactic conquest would be severely disrupted, quite possibly saving the entire galaxy from annihilation. Yet these two Ork empires could never be persuaded to abandon a perfectly good (and very enjoyable) battle for such a noble and civilised cause. Excepting some miraculous act by Gork (or possibly Mork!), the empires of Dregruk and Gathrog will fight on, blissfully unconcerned as their chance to change the fate of all slips away.
    Ork Empire of Charadon
    The Ork empire of Charadon is the largest and most long-standing of its kind in the late 41st Millennium. Controlled by a pyromaniac Ork berserker known as the Arch-Arsonist, Charadon has been the bane of the Ultima Segmentum for countless Terran centuries. The Arch-Arsonist counts his victories not by the worlds he has conquered but by those left blazing in his wake. His legendary propensity for leaving even the most well-defended worlds as searing conflagrations has garnered him a sprawling empire of Greenskins devoted to his cause. Each successive Warlord of Charadon takes the title of Arch-Arsonist, lending the persona a kind of immortality. Until recently, the expansion of the empire of Charadon was kept to a minimum by the efforts of Chief Librarian Varro Tigurius and the Space Marines of the Ultramarines Chapter. Yet in the face of the increasing Tyranid threat, their success is beginning to wane. The current Arch-Arsonist has seized his chance to invade Ultramar, swearing that he will reduce Macragge itself to cinders.
    Ork Empire of Calverna
    The Arch-Maniac of Calverna rose to power after conquering the Forge World of Magnos Majoris, the iron heart of the Calverna System. The wily old Deathskulls Warlord then cemented his power for good by having himself wired into the almighty central processing engine of the Forge World, turning himself into the biggest Cybork ever seen. Though this rather drastic step has left the Arch-Maniac all but invincible, the vast data-streams pouring into his tiny brain have also driven him quite mad. So it is that, while the Orks of the Calvernan empire are numerous and well equipped with tanks and guns, their attacks are random and display little in the way of logic or cogent strategy.
    Ork Empire of Octarius
    The Ork Empire of Octarius is an Ork Empire that stretches throughout the Octarius Sector, a region of space almost as large as the Realm of Ultramar. Located in the Ultima Segmentum, it is centred on the Ork World of Octarius. Controlled by the Empire's ruler, known as the Overfiend of Octarius, this Ork Warlord has bedevilled the Imperium, ruling his alien empire in the heart of the Emperor's realm. In the closing years of 989.M41, the Imperial Inquisitor Kryptman would redirect a portion of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan into the Octarian Empire. Blaktoof, the current Overfiend of Octarius, launched a counterinvasion straight into the maw of the Tyranid Hive Fleet. The resulting war has badly bled both sides, but it has yet to be determined which side will emerge victorious.
    I mean Ork Empires do exist... they just don't really impact the faction's playstyles...

    As an example, what would you suggest for the above as their equivalent of "Chapter Tactics"?
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