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The lost sphere of the tau in the new fluff soport this and I think why: one of the biggest mistake in fantasy is being very "warzone" making some fight very painfull to create, the same in WH40K with the tau, hell now even terra can be atack any moment now.
Part of them turned up in the new Codex: Blood Angels;

Bloody Retribution
Hurled across the void by an empyric convulsion, a T’au colonisation fleet begins claiming worlds within the Red Scar. Their efforts are brought to a sudden, violent halt by strike forces of Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers and the Angels Sanguine. The planets of D’sandri and Gendal’s Reach are swiftly reclaimed, and the war spills into the Sevensuns System.
So depending on various factors, we've now got a T'au colony setting up next to the Blood Angels...