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Cover terrain (ruins, craters, buildings with high cover etc) givesyou +1 on the armor save, it's ok and can save some models but nothing that will probably win you the game consistently. The unit also has to be completely within it to apply so forget to cram in your 30 Ork mobs and such.
Wow, that's awful. Cover should be universally useful. Percentage-wise, I get that a terminator benefits less from being behind a concrete wall than an ork does but they both benefit in the same way. The advantage of heavy armor is simply that you don't need cover as much, and this gives those troops more battlefield endurance (and therefore makes them more valuable).

As games are played with true line of sight you really can't hide unless you can fit an entire unit(vehicle completely behind LOS blocking terrain (and that means usually buildings) so armies that rely on their first strike ability and can do this well (and start first) do have a big advantage.. if the first strike works well you cripple the opposing force, if not it may get to be an interesting game.
This is silly, but it is also easy to fix: Simply discuss the "true" aspect of the terrain during setup.

When I use woods, I set down various pieces of felt and then populate them with tree models. This allows us to have the freedom to move the models without creating crazy-dense plastic forests.

Thus "true" LOS would be whatever you agree it is. In any event, I throw enough terrain on a table top that "true" or not, you can't usually see from one side to the other unless that's part of our scenario.