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On the other hand, the current guard codex also has doctrines for other guard regiments that really encourage movement. The static gunline will have a tough time achieving objectives too.
I know where you're coming from, I don't particularly like static gunlines myself, but its not just guard - many armies have stuff in them to encourage standing still and blasting away - even tyranids have some of this. But equally, there is stuff to encourage moving about too.
Right, but doctrine should be entirely up to the player and based on force selection and tactics, not faction rules.

For example, my imperial marines rely heavily on dreadnoughts. I like the old models and find them very tactically useful, so my chapter is known for using them.

I don't need special rules or an extra slot or some other bonus, it's just how I roll. That my personal "doctrine."

Similarly, I don't much care for space marine scouts, so my "doctrine" doesn't emphasize them. I don't get extra victory points for not taking them, or an alternate choice, it's just how I like to play.

That's what I like to see in a game - players formulate their own styles of play that don't need special rules to make them work.

To put it another way, giving a unit a bonus for standing still is a pretty obvious way to dictate tactics. One of the things I really dislike about the newer versions of 40k is how units are so specialized that you really don't get a choice of what to do with the unit (or faction) you selected.

Yes, there are a lot more units and a lot more lists, but they are all really specialized. That's dull for two reasons:

1. It makes force selection more important than actual tactics and,
2. It limits player creativity. The designer is basically telling the player how to fight their army.

There is enough inherent flexibility in unit types and tactics that you don't need any other bonuses.