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However, everything is not to be thrown away. The minis are really improving and as I said there are bits here and there which are worth noting. If you like pick up games with a shiny boardgame, it's quick and fun.
Thank you for that bit of positivity. I know it's popular to bash GW for not doing things right, but they are a publicly traded venture and they suffer from the same problems all such companies do. Namely that the shareholders will expect a profit and regular dividends and that leads to the downright stupid behavior we've seen on the past; where they abandon all attempts to placate the player base, balance that game or otherwise put any serious effort into game design. Now, I think the new CEO is steering them in the right direction and proving that even if you make the best models you'll still lose players/customers because the game is unbalanced to the point of being unplayable. So, with that said, I'm going to hold out hope that they keep improving and GW finds a way to make a fun, balanced and reasonably nuanced game while still keeping the shareholders happy.