Hello, everyone. There's been many months from the last time I came here. I got into this forum a couple years ago just to see and read, but there was a problem on the web for several weeks, couldn't log in and I let it go.

I'm a WFB player. Well, Warhammer Reforged player certainly (spanish fan-made initiative based on the Warhammer Fantasy setting). I'm a Skaven general, also Chaos Dwarfs and starting with Orcs. And I come here with a question. You'll see, I've made one of the biggest torrents about Warhammer magazines; White Dwarf (in english and spanish), Warhammer Monthly, Inferno!, Warhammer Visions... and some curiosities. All full collections, properly ordered and no missing or corrupted files. A 46Gb torrent with all you can wish an it's fully operative.

My question is: Can I open in this forum a new thread to post a link of my blog with the torrent? And if the answer is "yes", which would be the right place for that?

Thanks in advance.