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Thread: Tyranids? (or D.Eldar/ Eldar?)

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    Tyranids? (or D.Eldar/ Eldar?)

    I'm interested in building up a tiny force for a skirmish game of 40K..
    The problem is, I want a Malanthrope (as a leader, as I love that model, irrespective of its rules), which is 90? points, plus seems to be to big for kill team as it's an Hq.

    Kill Team seems to officially be on a known hiatus since 8th edition reared it's head.
    Forgeworld piccy;
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    Other then this monstrosity, I'd like some Gsc troops, neophyte hybrids.
    A converted primus, and some acolyte hybrids., perhaps a lone sentinel.

    But what system to use for this?, regular 40K?
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    Have a look at my Combined Krieg/ Ryzan Husarz-Grenadiers attempt:
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    Re: Tyranids? (or D.Eldar/ Eldar?)


    Just do smaller 40K battles.

    My gaming group did that to start testing out 8th and had loads of fun doing it.



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