Hey there.

I've started a Death army recently (call it a neo-Vampire Counts army) and so far I like it quite a lot. Very nice models, super cool and easy to assemble skeletons, variety, fun rules...

There's only one problem: I hate the Morghasts and the Mortarchs. I can do without any Mortarch, but Morghasts are very good and I really could use one. But not only they're Dracoth-expensive, they're also ugly as frack (my personal opinion, of course).

I just don't like their don't-skip-a-gym-day buffed silouhette against their bone-bash-rubble built, and their flying pose, floating on smoke tendrils from their wings, is awkward and unnatural. Everything about them feels wrong to me - So I'm looking for alternatives (aside from the obvious Ushabti option). Some sort of carnival of death, of Wild Hunt, of weird but interesting ideas that are scary.

Like these (which I found on Pinterest):

The Deathbringer.

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The King in Yellow (or The Scarecrow).

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The Herald (It doesn't need to be a big monster, this standard-bearer is a big but original approach to Morghasts)

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The King of the Wild Hunt:

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Ideas like those. Do you know of any examples, ideas or third-party models that I can use as Morghast-subtitutes?


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