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In the Space Marine 2nd edition the Squats got a number of vehicles of their own, but those tended to be a bit on the super-heavy side to translate it to 40K. There were at least Overlord airships, land trains, Goliath mega-cannons and Colossus vehicles. With the transition to Epic 40K they got left out from the boxed set army list book, though...
Yes, they were always more fleshed out in that game, but again the problem was that they mostly duplicated the IG list. The IG already had mammoth, enormously destructive war machines, so what did the squats bring to the table that was any different?

GW could have tried to use them like Sisters of Battle or Adeptus Arbites - specialist troops with limited options for a particular task, but they just dropped them instead.

Looking at the scope of the game, I can't argue with that decision.