It's been a while since I've been on here. Lots of stuff happening, mainly with little brother getting married last month, and me having the honor of being his best man (along with other things leading up to all that). So I'm glad to be back sharing my thoughts on the current state of 40k with everyone. Anyway, let's get going. Other than the Primaris Marines, the 2 suits of Terminator armor, and the Deathguard codex, there really hasn't been much in terms of new units. Also, The indexes were kind of a jump into the game quickly books, and the new codices (which by the way, I LOVE how quickly they're coming out) are just expanded upon so instead of having something generic, you actually have flavor for your armies. I like the new structure and how it goes back to how older editions has done it, but some of it is repeating itself. Not saying the codices are bad at all, so please don't misunderstand. Many armies got a major boost as a result, and much of it should stay (look at AM and Nids, holy crap). However, it still looks like there's room for improvement and balancing. On top of that, I'd like to see new units for ALL armies, even if it's just one. Chapter Approved helped, but more can still be done. So here's what I'm predicting what could be in the near future.

Updated Codex Sub Army Rules - I can see these being more diverse, while maintaining a level of balance. For example, the sub armies. Great idea, but some are a little weaker than others. For example, Imperial Fists. To me, the Siege Masters rule seems like it should be a stratagem rather than their special rule, while bolter drill should be their special rule instead of a stratagem. I understand that Siege Masters does goes along with their fluff, and it should stay, but it would make more sense to have bolter drill in it's place because it seems to fit better in what they do. So I'd say get ready for changes in that area.

Sub Armies Becoming Their Own Codex - This I can see after everyone is updated. Let's another example and look at CSM. 2 sub armies come to mind: World Eaters and Emperor's Children. I think what will happen is, like Deathguard and Thousand Sons, these guys I can see being pulled out of the CSM codex and into their own. Then, for Chaos, you'll have all 4 major legions that represent all 4 Chaos gods. Maybe BT could be put into their own codex? This begs the question: who would they use to replace them? For SM, I could see a famous Primaris chapter or a classic chapter getting their own Chapter Tactics rule, and CSM, 2 famous renegade chapters like the Crimson Slaughter and the Red Corsairs, and then of course keeping the Renegade Chapter rule separate. Now, stuff similar to this is not going to be available for all armies, but it would be cool to see it with the SM/CSM armies, and maybe even AM.

New Units - 40k wouldn't be complete if we didn't see a slew of new units to play with. Primarchs, both loyalist and daemon, are more than likely to happen. How about a LoW Nids like a Dominatrix, or some more Primaris units like a flyer and/or new transports that aren't as expensive as a repulsor? (or more importantly, having more than just the repulsor so it's not the ONLY transport for Primaris)? I'd like to see both a new Great Unclean One (which I believe is more or less confirmed) and a new Keeper Of Secrets. Not exactly new units, but new models, just like I'd like to see Vect and his Dais Of Destruction make a return. There's so much that could be put in, but GW just has to do it.

That's all I have for today. I don't know when I'll be back, so if I don't get back to ya, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!