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    Something Scuttles...........

    Evening Warseer!

    Thanks for having a little look at this thread and hopefully between me and my partner in crime can produce some noteworthy material!

    So to set the scene our local gaming group have a a competition coming up middle of next year, a doubles tournament. Though no fixed rules pack has been released yet its looking likely to be either 2/2.5k points.

    For our list we wanted to do a brand new army that niether of us had done before. Our chosen faction was the silver skinned automata, the heartless unfeeling robots........ NECRONS!

    As with many in our group there needed to be a theme and I had alway wanted to dona scarab heavy army so the rule of “it has to scuttle!”. To this end the majority of our list (bar the troop component) has a scuttling appearance to it. Scarabs, Spyders and Stalkers possibly even a FW scuttler or two.

    The army has a scheme based off another army I have seen before which takes the idea of ceramics and twinning it with a sparing use of agrellan earth.

    Anyhoo enough rambling and onto this weekends first additions to the army.

    First up is ome of many Tomb Spders armed with a gloom prism, particle beamers and fabricator arrays:

    I decided to magnetise these guys for easy of transport but also to avoid the snapping problem if the model gets knocked.

    Here are some WIP of the paint scheme

    And here are some final images of the finished Tomb Spyder, for some reason the drybrush highlight hasnt come out in the pictures of the sandy coloured carapace.

    And finally some bases ready for the scarab swarms when they arrive

    Sorry for the long first post and thanks very much for having a look. We aim to keep this thread upto date with each new units and any additions we make.


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