Project Complete

I enjoy grouping the figures from different chapters of Medieval Warlords together (like the Taborite Infantryman and Dracula) to make the figures cross over. I can even draw a connection through a thousand years of time between Aetius (representing the earliest medieval warlord), and Dracula (the latest): Aetius defeated Attila the Hun, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula character was a member of the Hungarian tribal group that claimed direct descent from those Huns.

Left to right: Alan Horseman, Sir John Chandos, Bucellarius of Majorian, Jan Žižka, An Lushan, Flavius Aetius, Imperial Guardsman, Vlad Dracula, Bertrand du Guesclin, Owen of Wales, Teutonic Knight and Taborite Infantryman.

That’s each and every Blandford Warrior painted. The set is complete. Project over. Now I can give my historical wargaming energy to something else. Reinforcements for my Normans? Siege of Oxford? Early Imperial Romans? Late Imperial Romans? I’m giddy with excitement, all I can say with certainty is that’s the end of my Blandford Warriors.

Or is it … ?

Stay tuned to Ninjabread for more minis. If you fancy your own set of Blandford Warriors they’re available from the excellent Wargames Foundry.

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