Eggs on legs! The greatest Warhammer 40,000 miniatures of all time! Chibi Terminators! The most iconic Squat models!

Thane Rædwald in Exo-Armour – a tough egg to crack.

This Exo-Armoured Squat Thane is the first Squat miniature I ever bought for a bargain 60 pence. He’s the nucleus around which my Squat obsession has grown, and has sported several paintjobs down the years. His chainsword arm is taken from a Chaos Squat in Exo-Armour, and is a conversion necessitated by the original owner. I can feel guilty chopping up such rare Exo-Armour components – but you can’t make a omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Eggs on legs. In this colour scheme, Kinder Eggs on legs.

The banner is tomato purée foil plus King Kazador’s back banner. When converting Squats I try to keep their components (bases aside) from 1994 or earlier so the sculpting and detailing style match. 1994 marked the release of the last ever Squat model in the from of the Epic Thunderfire Cannon, so everything up until that point I consider fair game for conversions.

The bases are a tad excessive at 40mm, but I started the squad back in 2012 32mm bases weren’t on the market. Such big bases help them pass for Terminators more easily in games. Plus it means I can build up the bases’ height to allow the Squats to get a little closer to being eye-level with their opponents. As the elite Squat unit it gives them a great presence in the army.

The hard-boiled Rædwald and his retinue supporting Strifemaster Borun.

I’ve modelled the squad with a multi-melta, which feels the most Squatty of all the heavy weapons. It’s also a commonly enough available component from the Rogue Trader era to be chopped up guilt-free.

Lots more Squats coming soon!