So after lurking on here for far too long it was pointed out to me that the purpose of a forum is to share ideas, not just 'borrow' them
as such i have finally decided to start my painting log. i should point out that this could take a while...... i have sadly adopted an extremely scattergun approach to collecting which consists largely of buying anything i find that looks either cool, cheap, nostalgic, or a combination of the 3!
At last count i had well over 1500 models to paint, most of it either marines, tyranids, imperial guard, or chaos. I also have a hefty stack of specialist games that require attention including gorkamorka, necromunda, mordheim, man o war, space marine, and dreadfleet......and a fair sized high elf army from oldhammer.
This log however will focus on all things 40k...... so without further ado, i present to you, the scale of the problem.........
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imperial guard
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and marines that i've started painting...... after seeing it all laid out like this i'm willing to admit that i have a problem.