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Releasing new Codexes without new models is a low effort money spinner for GW.
Oh come on, we're talking about a company that - when it finds mistakes in its rules - forces you to buy the corrections.

The Standard Model of game design is to come up with the best system you can, and then expand it as needed, selling supplements and scenario packs as the years pass. Periodically you notice things don't work, or that something needs to be fixed, so you come out with a 'revised and updated' rulebook.

This builds continuity and grows the gaming population while incrementally improving the product.

GW has historically acted like they are doing this, but in fact they use the books and re-launches as 'found money' whenever their profits start to soften.

This is why I'm not entirely convinced there won't be a new WHFB system. They could simply repackage AOS stuff and make a quick buck re-selling to all the old players.

On the other hand, I've long advocated them doing a "40k Advanced" system that was an update of 2nd ed and they never did. In fact the company was downright hostile about the system, even to the point of mocking people who still liked it on forums.

So who knows.