Yo yo!
Iím starting a new fully primaris custom chapter.
They both like national and imported cars, drinking Coronita and petting their phoenixes. They live for the 1/4mile.

This are the first two lieutenants, Tony Nitrox and Lu -The Birb Master-

Big news, I just finished the dreadnought this morning.
Since this is a new chapter we didnt have any injured brother to place inside it when we recieved it from Mars, so we rolled a dice.
Apparently it wasnt designed to fit a fully primaris inside,we had to cut brother Joanís legs in order to place him inside. Apparently he didnít like that.
But now, Joanís glory shines in combat, his migthy roar ďLET ME OUT MOTHERF%#!&S!!Ē inspires us. He is the most furious of us all.

Also a WIP of Captain Toretto. He may or may not end like this