I'm sure there were a few of you that took the GW survey a few weeks ago. I know I did, and I do have some thoughts about that. I was talking to my brother regarding that not too long ago and that's what enticed me to do this thread. I'm curious as to what everyone else put down (at least as much as you remember). Here are some of mine because they're quick.

I remember they asked about the products. Honestly, I have NO problems with what they put out. I love the new models and how well detailed they are, and I like the fact they're putting out more Easy to Build models for some of the more advance units, if you need to fill your army up in a pinch. The rules, overall, they put out are good, although a few adjustments here and there wouldn't hurt (I won't go into detail, but I think some of you are in the same boat, at least). There's only 1, and I mean 1, area that REALLY hacks me off more than ANYTHING (yes even more than the rules): The cost (money) of their products. It drives me crazy. I understand they're trying to make a profit, and I don't wrong them on that and I'm not asking for these models for free, but, at least here in the States, it's a ridiculous how much these models cost.

For example, $25 for a 5 man squad of scouts. Are you *******' kidding me? Anyway, I suggested in lowering the prices by 20-30%, in that ball park. So instead of $40 for a 10 man squad of Tac Marines, $30 would make much more sense. Scouts, $25 for a full 10 man squad. Heck, the Easy to Build Redemptor dread is $40, so why not they lower the normal Redmeptor (which costs $65) down to that price and lower further the Easy to Build one down to $25 (at least $30)? GW would actually make more money that way, and it would make it easier for new players to get in.

So anyway, there was more to that survey, but it was more or less asking how much we play and where we play. Other than the cost, everything else is fine, with a few things that could be improved, but it's insignificant compared to what I said earlier. What did you guys put down on this survey?