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- That GW doesn't need to do anything new; they need to do what they're already doing better.

- Breaking up content over multiple releases is bad for the customer, and bad for the game (see also: Necromunda).

- Stop lying/misleading. It's not as if nobody notices it...

- Proofreaders. Do you employ them?

- Stop limiting rules to match the available models' equipment (etc). Or at least if they're going to pursue such a harmful practice, commit to it fully. The Index workaround is absurd and pointless (see also point #2).

- White Dwarf is an embarrassment. It's low effort corporate gak, and it shows.

So, yeah, nice and positive...
Ugh... i wish I'd thought about the Necromunda Rules when I filled it in. Even with the Gang War book, there are still less rules covered than in the last single volume rule book.