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Hi R3plikate, welcome to Warseer. No time at all? That is a real shame! Warseer has trading forums where you may be able to sell some things, ebay or other auction sites still work, but can be quite hard work.
Last year i manager to sell a large amount of unwanted books and miniatures at a wargames expo (Vapnartak in York).
Where in the world are you? Might be able to point you in the direction of a good show to sell at.

Not at all. I move a lot for work and haven't even had my collection with me for over five years. It's disappointing but just something I have accepted for now. I still enjoy keeping in touch with the lore and news but no time or space for the game unfortunately.

I'm Australian, in NSW. I was looking for the Buy/Swap/Sell part of the forum here but couldn't locate it....