New edition, new Codex(s), new armylist, new image uploading site, new project log.

A while a go I half started a veteran/acolyte heavy force, much of that will get repurposed into this list. Either rebuilding, re painting, or plain old ignored.

Here are some veterans from the previous attempt, they may make it in to this force. But shotguns and grenade launchers were never the best.

So what will the list be?

If I've understood detachments correctly..

Storm troopers
Detachment 1, Battalion: Astra militarum (Militarum tempestus with doctrine)
x2 Tempestor primes
x3 Scion squads
x2 scion hq squads
x2 taurox primes
x1 tech priest

Detachment 2, Vangaurd: Imperium
x2 acolyte squads
x2 Veteran squads
x1 rough riders
Some sort of heavy IG tank.... (or could this be a custodes land raider? and can techpriests heal them?)
x1 tech priest

Detachment 3, Vangaurd: Imperium
Primaris psyker
x4 assassins, one of each

Storm trooper first 5:

Test model:

P.s sorry about the image size! I'll resize them before uploading in future.