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Thread: Heresy Era World Eaters

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    Heresy Era World Eaters

    Hi All,

    Working on Heresy Era World Eaters tournament army for 2018.

    The wife gave me an airbrush for Christmas so it should quicken up the process.

    Tester model for paint scheme

    CSM squad - 1x Flamer, Asp. Champion w. Combi Flamer

    Khorne Bezerkers w. Chainsword & Chainaxe + Banner of Wrath + Rhino

    Havocs w. 3x Autocannons

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    Re: Heresy Era World Eaters

    My GF is making also an Heresy World Eaters army but for 40K too, and she is being "bullied" by our gamers pals because is going to use also a Havock know, a WE can´t use heavy weapons

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