I could have broke it down into 2 articles on this, but I'm lazy today and this would be easier. Anyway, on one of my earlier threads, I had brought up about sub armies, particularly within SM (Imperial and Chaos), being pulled out and put in their own codices (WE in one, EC in another, and BT being independent as well, just to name a few). The question is who would they be replaced with? Also, after Chaos Daemons, who would be next on the list (please don't bring up AoS because it's not part of the discussion)? First thing's first, the sub armies.

Let's start with the Vanilla SM codex as an example. I could see one of 2 things: Another well known successor chapter (but not as famous as their 1st founding chapter) taking filling the void, like the Mentors, Scythes of the Emperor, etc., OR going all out and doing an up and coming PSM chapter. Like Crimson Fists, a 2nd founding chapter with their own stuff would be pretty awesome, and a PSM would be cool because we can actually see what an all Primaris army can do all on it's own (while upholding the traditions of their Primarch, of course, but with some slight changes). The CSM codex has potential for 2 armies (making it more like vanilla SM, Chaos style). Possible candidates would be the Red Corsairs, Crimson Slaughter, and the Punishers, for example. Just because Fabius Bile might actually create some after he captures a few in the story, maybe their own PSM chapters. We've seen some PSM models for BA and DA, so I couldn't see why Chaos couldn't get their own eventually. Now, these were just examples, and it's about ANY codex and ANY of their sub armies, so have at it there (I could think of a few more for other codices, but I want to get the next part in).

Chaos Daemons is already getting ready for pre-order (I'm digging the new Great Unclean One models), but let's look beyond them. We still have quite a bit of armies to get through, so let's run down whose left: Inq (which might turn into an Imperial Agents-esq codex which will also include SoS, LoD, Assassins, and AC, but we'll see), IK, AS (SoB), DW, SW, TS, Harl, Druk (DE), Ynnari, Necrons, Orks, T'au (Tau, whatever), and GC. I didn't include some of the other lesser armies because I doubt they'll get their own codices (except MAYBE traitor knights, but we'll see what happens on that front). I could be wrong, but I'm not holding my breath on any of them, unless they get rolled up with Inq. Getting back on track, my predictions on what the order they will be in: Ynnari, Inq, AS, Druk, Orks, DW, GC, Necrons, T'au, IK, TS, SW. I will bet it's within that ballpark, at least, but TS and SW will probably be last as a summer campaign. As an added bonus, I can see GW bringing Russ into the SW codex. After all that is done, new codices along with new units, new models for existing units/characters, and new characters for each one. As a trade off, however, I can see GW going a little slower with codex releases (I hope I'm wrong about that). Anyway, what do you think will be the order of new codices will be in? What sub armies could fill in the spot of sub armies that could get pulled and put into their own codex?