With the new release of the Necromunda game, I was pretty exited.

I played the old game years ago, and when I got this game for Christmas I was thrilled.

Unlike many, I actually like the new tiled board to play Zone mortalis Necromunda on.
But since I like proper 3d terrain I needed to get some walls for the board.

I tried 3d printing a copy of the zone mortalis walls.

The print came out pretty good, and I could live with that.

But I feel the walls a just a little to big, they are to wide, and around 05-1cm to long.
The also take very long time to print, around 20 hours with this one wall.

So I came over a new design and modified it to fit better with the tiles.
I think these will take shorter time to print, since they are straight, and just fit the board better.
and imho I think these look just a little more Necromunda like with the pipes and stuff.

Not much just yet, I plan on making enough to cover the 9 tiles that comes with the game.

Hope you like it, I will come back how the new walls turn out.