Restart of the Hobby-Business. Fantasy. Frostgrave. Soothsayer. That are the facts - the hardfacts.

i sorted out, what figures i have in my hobby-universe. and tatata - a lot of!!!!

So my Starter-List will have

- a wizard - halfling miniature from westfalia miniature kickstarter
- an apprentice - a halfling assistant too
- 2 thiefs - will be from the first plastic box of northstar
- 2 thugs - also from the plastic box
- war hound - this little beauty will be a mastiff from a celt blister from warlord games
- a templar - from the first nickstarter i guess
- crossbowman(woman) - here i am not sure, if i will take a further halfling or a lead figure (woman), both from westfalia miniatures
- crossbowman/archer - i am not sure too, if i should take a second crossbowman or a archer. In both cases probably i will take two figures from the plastic box.