I love 40k's lore and the general IP. However, I have zero interest in playing the tabletop game. That itch is scratched by a game that reputed for being competitive and isn't a GW property. That being said, I take fanboy tokenism seriously, for whatever reason. Like, I want to have a physical representation--to my self, at least--that I am a 40k fan other than audio books and being subscribed to certain YouTube channels.

I think that I want to express it through the hobby. Imperial Knights are freaking awesome and look like great modeling projects. I wish Apocalypse games were still a thing because if they were, I'd gladly shell out for half a dozen Imperial Knights and field them only in those absurd situations. However, I have no interest in subjecting an opponent to an army of such a skewed composition in normal pick-up gameplay. At my FLGS, while I see that people are playing 40k, I don't see any of the old 10000 points per side battles with 8 players that I used to see a couple years ago.

Is anyone in a similar boat?