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Thread: Learning about the GNW while painting

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    Re: Learning about the GNW while painting

    Now this is a sight for sore eyes. Also was introduced to the hobby by casting Carolean tin soldiers, plus building naval vessel kits.

    Top work as always, Sigur, and Great Northern War to boot! Good to see you've put the Carolean cavalry in plow formation (always something we've been tempted to do in Warhammer with riders). Exquisite landscape to go with the colourful armies.

    Out of curiosity, have you ever offered your painting services to museums of military history? Some of them sport miniature dioramas, some of whole battles.

    The blue banner with crossed crossbow bolts is Dalregementet, right? A family member (maybe ancestor) served in it during the GNW, a unit which was almost wiped out by the war and probably also ensuing captivity.

    The Great Northern War can at times sound like a piece of mythology or a legendary conflict out of antiquity, with colourful kings like August the Strong (lots of illegitimate children, said to be able to bend horseshoes with his bare hands), the ever-aggressive Charles XII (got lots of horses shot from under him, and lots of hangers-on killed close around him) and Tsar Peter I the Great, a driven powerhouse of a man, ambitious, visionary, strong, brutal and utterly ruthless, rerouting the course of history. It's such a strong cast, full of excentrics, daring and wild swings of fortune. Only lacks romance to be the perfect story, for otherwise the GNW has it all.

    Also, Google Drive Folder with image salvage haul in case anything is useful:

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