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Warhammer Community article:

It looks like the Armigers only have one primary weapon configuration (thermal spear and reaper chain-cleaver), with the only option being the carapace mount.

Also: something something Blackstone something something repainted Arcane Ruins something something *sigh*
Hermanista on bolter and chainsword was fairly accurate, based on quick look at a release schedule. He called it Forgefire, said it was 2 Warglaives and some vanguards.
He claims that there are more kits on the way, although he wasn't certain of their names. Armiger, Helliger, Castellan and Valiant.

I could have sworn he hinted at a plasma weapon on one of them somewhere. And looking at the sprues, it does look like most of the main weapons are on one of them, so fairly easy to switch out. (And we could get different armour platings if that is the case! Oh what joy!)