For those of you out of the loop, who still love the Old World, wanted to buy the Skullvane Manse back then, and, like me, waited too long to get it (I thought "don't need it right now, but I'll definitively get it later!"...) and found it off the stores one day, rejoice!
GW is selling the Skullvane Manse again. It's called Warscryer Citadel now.
I can stop endlessly watching the scum on ebay trying to sell it for up to 350 euros... (it's 85 euros on GW's website -in France-, which, considering the size of the thing, is a surprisingly fair price).

Rant: in other news, in case Warseer hasn't noticed, GW has released (or will, didn't pay attention) plastic beasts of nurgle and a plastic great unclean one (among other things like snake-DE). To think such a topic would have had a thousand posts in two days a couple years ago, I feel kindda... empty inside.